Corporate Programs

Over the past 16 years Lauren has written and facilitated workshops on a range of leadership and mental health topics. Her biggest passions are still mental health and relationship dynamics so she now focusses on the following five topics in these areas. All workshops can be conducted face to face or virtually.


Your Resilience Recipe

Want to assist staff to better manage their stress and mental health?

Modern life is incredibly busy. By understanding how to balance our stressors and remedies we can better manage our mental health. In this session, Lauren helps participants build their own Resilience Recipe: a simple, practical, personalised plan for them.


Mindfulness buys you more time

Want to quickly build your mindfulness skills? 

Learning mindfulness can be difficult and frustrating. Lauren takes a highly practical approach, guiding participants through what mindfulness is, and how to do it. She teaches participants skills they can practice immediately to be more mindful and improve their sense of well-being. This topic can be incorporated into “Your Resilience Recipe” or booked as a standalone topic.


Building Emotional Intelligence for you

Want to improve your interactions at work?

Emotional Intelligence is now recognised as a key leadership skill. In this workshop, participants learn practical skills to improve their EI, with a focus on both self-awareness and awareness of others.  Lauren is also accredited in the Genos Emotional Intelligence 360 Inventory for an in-depth assessment of perceived Emotional Intelligence.


Softening hard conversations

Want a better way to navigate tricky conversations?

Be it conflict resolution, or conversations with staff about performance, we often avoid difficult conversations. In this workshop, Lauren helps participants understand the neuroscience of conflict and how to help the other person’s brain better hear what you have to say.


Leading for mental well-being

Want to create a workplace that enhances mental health?

Mental health is a topic we hear a lot about but many leaders are not sure where to begin. In this workshop, Lauren helps leaders identify how they can have a positive impact on their staff’s mental health and the workplace culture. Through specific strategies and conversations, she helps leaders build a practical strategy for their workplace.


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